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Keep Your Pal Looking Their Best!

Keeping your pet groomed, clean, and looking their best is not only good for the looks and smell of our pals, it also can be healthier for them as well. For more than a quarter century, Apolda Kennels has been providing experienced and affordable grooming services in and around Aurora, IL.

Grooming your dog accomplishes several goals at one time. It makes the pet look, feel, and smell better as well as ridding and preventing invasive pests such as fleas and ticks.

Grooming also serves as an examination of the pet. After the groomer brushes, cuts, and clips, body areas rarely seen are exposed. This will allow the owner to know if their beloved companion may have scar tissue, lumps, or other life threatening issues.

Our Grooming Services

Apolda offers two grooming options: a standard grooming session or bath. With our standard grooming, the dog will receive all the important services such as a brush-out, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and anal expression. Haircuts include all of the above. The pet's anal glands are expressed and then bathed. After the bath, the dog is dried and given a haircut. For a simpler procedure for short-haired breeds, all of the above services can be performed excluding the haircut. 

As usual with Apolda, we tailor our services to your specifications. We will ask the owner if they would like their animal to look like their breed as closely as possible. We can specialize the look to the preferred breed for mixed breeds. Fees for our bathing and grooming services are variable on the size and coat of the dog. Please contact us for a quote.

Hair cuts- $35 and up dependent on size and condition
Bathes- $20 and up dependent on size and condition
Nail trims- $10 (except on $5 Tuesday)
Flea and Tick Bathes- priced upon request

For any questions regarding our grooming services, feel free to call us at 630-898-2947 or contact us via email.