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Training Services Catered to Your Pet

Apolda Kennels, located in Aurora, IL believes that a well-trained and well-behaved dog can be an even better canine family member.

This is because the pet can be around the family at all times, their crate time is limited, and they will not be a burden or nuisance when their visitors drop by the home. For more than 25 years, we have helped train dogs and guide them toward achieving the goals of their owners for proper behavior.

Apolda offers private sessions, which are completely individualized, and employ a variety of training and behavior modification techniques. These private sessions are especially recommended to correct severe problems.

Individualized Training Sessions

Like humans, every dog is different. They each have their own personality, temperament, and certain factors that work to help further education, so Apolda understands that not every training session will be similar.

Not only does a lot of what we do depend on the dog, it is based on what the owner wants as well.

For example, if the owner wants them on a highly regimented schedule, we can make it happen. Others are simply looking to have a particular problem solved or a goal met, such as potty training, food training, or countless other issues.

Training Fees and Scheduling

The fee for private lessons is $25 for a 1/2 hour appointment and $60 for three appointments.

Please call Apolda Kennels at 630-898-2947 or send us an email to schedule a training session.